About US

We created the company Supply Guys, Inc. in 1998. We sold computers and computer supplies on the Internet. We provided network engineering and systems support to over 100 businesses in the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts. Several of our business customers asked if we could provide them with faster Internet access than the dial up which was currently available. That is how we got involved in providing data circuits. Over time, that business evolved through DSL to T1 circuits to cable modems. We have always provided the best products to our customers at competitive prices. While 13 years might not seem like a long time for a business these days, in terms of Internet services, it is a lifetime.

We have consolidated Supply Guys, Inc. into our management services company Zee Enterprises LLC. It is the same company with the same great people. Our primary focus is high speed data circuits and all of the services that can be provided on those circuits. We are also available for business consulting if you want to look at other opportunities to improve your bottom line.

We look forward to working with you.

Brian A. Zuckerman
Managing Partner