Frequently Asked Questions

How does the quotation process work?

After we receive copies of your bills, we put them in spreadsheet format and look for billing errors. For example, in this bill the customer has 2 lines but is being charged tax as if he had 4 lines. We review any discrepancies with you and then submit the final information to our carriers for quotes. We insure that we get at least 2 quotes for your services. It is a competitive marketplace.

If we decide to accept your quote, what’s next?

We have you sign a 3 year contract for services. A letter of authorization (LOA) is also required. The LOA allows us to access your customer service records with your current carrier. We then double check the information to make sure that there are no discrepancies between the service records and the bills we analyzed.

What if we are in the middle of a contract term?

We will work with you to determine if there are any early termination penalties in your existing contract. We will compare that cost, if any, to the savings we have projected and determine a payback period. If it makes good business sense to change now, we will recommend that. If not, we will start the changeover process about 4 months before the current contract expires.

What is the changeover process?

We present the letter of authorization to your current provider and set a cutover date with them. We have dedicated teams that monitor this process. Lines are cutover one at a time to insure that there is no interruption of service. This process takes less than a minute per line.