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The heart of today’s telephone services is high speed data lines. Zee Enterprises, LLC provides Cable, Ethernet, T1, T3 and OC3 circuits. The size and capacity of the circuit is based on each customer’s need for Internet bandwidth and telephone services.

  • We are able to provide services at a competitive price through the 70+ telephone companies with whom we are affiliated
  • The average savings for our customers is 20% to 30% versus their current carriers
  • We provide free side by side cost analysis of your current bill and our proposed rates. In order to prepare an accurate quote for you, we will need a copy of the most recent bill from your telephone and Internet service providers

If your company has an older telephone or PBX system, you can still take advantage of today’s digital technology. We will provide a device that will transfer the incoming digital data to analog data that the existing system can use. The process is reversed on outgoing calls. Take advantage of today’s technology without spending a lot of money to replace your existing equipment.

We have been providing Internet access for our customers since 1998. At that time the state of the art technology was frame relay via the Internet cloud. As technology has evolved, we have upgraded our customers to DSL Cable, Ethernet and T1 products. We have consolidated copper lines onto T1 or PRI circuits to save our customers money. We are loyal to our customers and do not favor any one telephone carrier.

Our services are normally provided on a 3 year contract. Prior to renewal, we review all of the services provided and then reprice it to see what savings can be generated.